iPad Band Programme

A competition to help inspire students to develop their talents as musicians.

iPad Band Programme.

Introduce and engage children with making music in a fun and exciting way, develop skills and knowledge that transfer directly from the iPad to instruments. Develop listening skills, arranging skills, create an understanding of how an ensemble works, what it feels like to perform and many other musical skills.

By taking part in the competition, you get:

✓ Onsite training with David Kirtlan (Apple Distinguished Educator)
 A chance for your band to perform at the grand final award ceremony at Theatr Clwyd – 13th December 2019
✓ The winner will take home a prize worth £1550

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Find out more about the iPad Band Project:

The iPad Band projects are a great way to introduce children to music, and develop their understanding and love of playing and performing. Schools face several problems in delivering music effectively, and not just because of the budget constraints of buying and maintaining instruments, but also employing specialist tutors to teach very small groups.

Music is a complex subject, and learning an instrument can be a slow process partly because of the amount of knowledge, understanding and practical skills we ask children to learn simultaneously. These include aspects of music theory, how rhythms, melodies and chords work. Developing our ears and listening skills to understand what we are hearing and learning the fine motor skills of physically getting our fingers around an instrument.

Working with an iPad Band, we are separating out these skills, and focusing on learning and understanding the aspects of music to perform and create music, learning about rhythms and chords, and what each instrument in a band does, how the guitar part relates to the bass part, trying out different instruments, making musical decisions on song structure and styles, what it feels like to be part of a band, and what it feels like to be on stage performing in front of other people.

Using the iPad, we can learn and perform music quickly, and create genuine excitement and a love for music.
This encourages children to pick up an instrument and learn to play it, already armed with a strong musical knowledge, so that they understand what they should be trying to achieve on the instrument in terms of rhythms, melodies and chords etc etc, which leaves them to focus on the physical and practical skills of getting their fingers around an instrument, allowing for rapid progression and development.

Your trainer, David Kirtlan (Apple Distinguished Educator)

David is renowned for his work with iPad bands. When the iPad was first introduced to the world David immediately saw the potential of using it to engage non-musicians with music and allow them to take part in performances. He has created bands with primary children, secondary students and SEN students. He works with schools to create, compose and rehearse their own iPad band.
The iPad bands are a great way for schools to engage with parents, and also to collaborate with schools in their area.

Why Ipad?

Like a computer. Unlike any computer.

 iPad is designed for complete freedom of expression and freedom of movement. 

With amazing apps and advanced built-in technologies, iPad can be anything students want it to be, and it has the power to create anything students dream up. Yet it’s so intuitive, they can immediately take an idea and run with it.

 Why creativity matters.

After 40 years working alongside educators, we’ve seen – and research has shown – that creative expression leads to deeper student engagement. And when students are more engaged, they take more ownership of their learning. Students become better problem-solvers, communicators and collaborators. They explore more and experiment more. They tell richer stories and find their own unique voices. They stretch their imaginations and make connections they might not otherwise make – and carry athese skills through everything they do in school. And beyond.

 Everyone Can Create.

A collection of project guides that bring creative expression to every subject. The projects in the Everyone Can Create guides teach students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music and drawing. And they help ignite creativity by giving teachers fun and meaningful ways to bring these skills into any lesson, in any year group.




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