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Easily and securely access, create and share files.
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Foldr transforms your school’s network into a secure, collaborative private cloud experience.

Simple to install and easy to use, Foldr is the hub through which students and teachers can access, create and share documents. Foldr connects your iPads and smartphones to the school network, creating your Actual Learning Environment.

Great Features for your school

Engaging Feedback

Write, draw and comment straight onto students’ work. Use stickers and voice notes to explain concepts and give detailed feedback.

Paperless assignments.

Set homework and assignments with just a few taps. When students submit their work, Foldr keeps everything neatly filed by class.

All your files in one place.

Foldr presents all your work in a single place. A unified view of the school server, Google Drive and OneDrive.

A modern way of working.

Teachers and students can access their documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. No more clunky VPN connections or fiddly remote desktop systems.

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