Case Studies

Outstanding schools celebrated for innovative use of technology

Celebrating Success at ESSA Academy.

“The vision at Essa Academy is “All Will Succeed.” This vision is built from a desire to provide access to high-quality resources and create a strong sense of belonging, ownership, and community to underpin a personalized approach to learning. Students use iPad to access high-quality curriculum materials structured as learning pathways in iTunes U. Students receive rich feedback from teachers to support and guide their learning.”

The integration of Apple devices into the classrooms at ESSA allow their function to change according to teaching objectives. Students set objectives in a joint planning session using wireless projection of a shared mind-mapping app.

Production groups collaborate on shooting scripts and storyboards that are beamed to location managers who film interviews and pieces to camera. Cloud storage allows editors to piece footage together on iMacs while it is being shot. Finished productions are broadcast live and collated online for assessment and integration into e-portfolios.

Students manage their roles, responsibilities, submission deadlines and content: they manage and own their learning objectives.

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