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Trade in your equipment with MyRefresh

MyRefresh offers your business a new approach to technology lifecycle management. The existing value of your IT equipment is used to off-set the costs of a brand new technology subscription for your business, eliminating the high capital costs usually associated with upgrading.

Let us know what technology you have at the moment, and what your business would like to refresh.
Build your new IT portfolio using MCC’s MyWork subscription service, including iPhone, Mac, deployment, support and more.
The residual value of your old equipment is used to off-set the cost of your new subscription, resulting in huge capital savings.

Roy Says…

Don’t get weighed down by out-of-date tech!

If your technology is 3 – 5 years old, it’s probably getting slow, unreliable, and even frustrating to use on a daily basis. Refreshing your technology in the traditional way can be prohibitively expensive, but MCC’s subscription-based approach allows you to get your hands on the latest iPhone or Mac products without breaking the bank.

How it works

1. Trade-in with MyRefresh


Tell us about your current IT, and what you are looking to upgrade. MCC can provide an estimated value for your current equipment, and recommend the best modern products for your business needs.

All devices and assets will be securely wiped. MCC work with a specialist partner who are certified and accredited with ADISA, ensuring complete adherence to the highest industry standards for handling data carrying assets. Industry-leading data-wiping software is used to ensure the highest levels of data security are assured.

2. Subscribe with MyWork


Rather than directly replace your old equipment through outright purchase, MCC’s MyWork offers a subscription-based approach that simplifies asset management. Compared to outright purchase, subscription offers flexibility and vastly reduced costs.

The residual value of your trade-in through MyRefresh will be used to off-set the cost of your subscription. Depending on the value of your old equipment, this could provide up to one year of free subscription on a 24 month subscription plan. This allows your business to completely refresh its IT equipment without paying anything during the first year.

Why refresh?


Enhanced Business Security

Newer technology increases the security of your IT and reduces downtime.


Secure Data Disposal

MCC ensure that all sensitive data is disposed of securely with accredited experts.


Financial Sustainability

A refresh combined with subscription provides ultimate value for your business.


Higher Residual Value

The earlier you refresh your equipment, the higher its value will be.

About Our Data Services

MCC partner with a data-specialist that provides safe and effective decommissioning, dismantling, removal and redeployment of equipment. Our partner is certified and accredited with ADISA, ensuring adherence to the highest industry standards for handling data carrying assets. They use industry leading data wiping software to ensure the highest levels of data security are assured.

The majority of customer’s data wiping is carried out at a secure facility; however, our partner also operates an external team of security cleared staff in recognition that a number of clients have highly sensitive or high security situations that require items to be wiped at the customer’s site rather than be removed.

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