Physical Education Toolkit

Focusing on the core aims found in the national curriculum for PE.

What ever they want to be.

We can help them be a champion…

Your digital toolkit for supporting physical education programmes of study within the National curriculum in England.

Evidencing the impact and sustainability of sports funding can be challenging for teachers and educators.

iPad makes formative and self assessment in PE easy both in the gym and on the playing field

Evidence of your school’s sports performance is all around you.

iPad packs enough power to multitask – easily switching apps to analyse performance, record results, update rule and tactics books and update achievement records

Develop sporting skills and demonstrate improvement with technology for learning
from Apple, Hudl and PE Passport.

• Fully “hands-on” resources for performance analysis – all enabled through iPad.
• Record games, practice and training sessions with your iPad HD camera
• Primary PE Passport is perfect for teachers to plan PE lessons, keep performance records and evidence improvements.
• Give students the tools to review their own performance

All for just £333 ex vat per month

The Products found inPhysical Education Toolkit:

• 16 x iPad Wi-Fi 32GB
• Rugged Cases / Protectors
• 3 Years MyCare Warranty
• Mobile Device Management from Zuludesk

• 3 years Hudl video analysis subscription
• Hudl CPD – visit by Hudl appointed teacher
• 3 years Primary PE Passport subscription

• Parotec 16 Bay Rugged Charge Case
• 65” Clevertouch screen – with Airplay mirroring
• Wheeled Trolley for 65” Display
• Wilson X connected basketball

The MyLearn Physical Education Toolkit includes 16 iPad and is exclusively available from MCC for just £333 per month through subscription.
Subscription gives you sustainable computing resources, allowing you to spread the cost, enabling you to do more.
The Products found in our Physical Education Toolkit:
iPad in the hands of the students enables peer to peer assessment, analysis of techniques using the camera, and access to videos of professionals and experts performing. With Apple’s AirPlay video mirroring, you can easy facilitate group analysis of a session on a touch screen class display, annotating feedback and improvement tips on-screen.

Hudl helps analyse video, track statistics, manage feedback and create highlights in one easy-to-use online platform. Record games, practice and training sessions with your iPad and use playlists to quickly jump to the exact moments you want to study. Your students can’t correct what they can’t see so give them the tools to review their own performance with your comments and drawings for more personalised feedback.

Primary PE Passport includes a comprehensive directory of detailed plans supported by videos and resources, that provides teachers with the tools to deliver active, fun and challenging lessons in line with the National Curriculum. Need to show impact? The software in the PE Passport allows you to draw down reports on standards in PE across the school as well as participation and competition; all supported by video and photographic evidence.

The Pysical Education Toolkit focuses on the core aims found in the National Curriculum.
Develop Competence:
Includes a comprehensive range of lesson plans which provide active challenging and progressive content

Engage in Competition:
Set up electronic registers and monitor numbers competing by groups

Measure Physical Activity:
Build profiles of individual attainment and progress as well as progress across year groups

Meet and Excel:
Attainment Targets – Use formative assessment each lesson using the principles of AFL